Always Saturday started with a simple, shared thought…

“If we’re going to start a company, then we better aim to change the world” 


We believe that business should be purpose driven. You can make a difference and make a profit, all at the same time.


The birth of Always Saturday followed shortly after. We knew that our creative work would speak for itself, but what would our real impact be? What legacy would we leave behind? 


We both came from the Canadian oil & gas industry and we knew that companies were suffering because the industry had an “ugly” perception to it. When the reality is that it is an industry working harder than ever to grow its sustainable initiatives. Sometimes companies may appear bad, but the reality is that they never found their voice, amongst all the noise. 


We give brands the voice they need to share their meaningful stories, insights and accomplishments. 


November 2019 was the launch of our first (of many) ESG Campaigns. #TheSaturdayMovement. We provide a space on our platform where we connect our audience with Better Brands. Its a showcase of companies that we would recommend to our friends & family. This is our way of supporting brands that deserve to be acknowledged to a larger audience. Our goal is to create a trustworthy space that you can turn to for reliable resources focused on ESG initiatives big and small.


We hold the mindset that we’re only as good as our foundation which is why from the day of inception the company was legally prepared and set up to be a Pending Certified B Corp, provided by Lab B. They are an organization doing amazing things by holding us to the highest standard of business ethics, best practices and promoting decisions that are best for our corporations with careful consideration for all stakeholders involved. They are a change-making, progressive organization and they have a huge impact around the world.  Today we’re proud to be under the Pending Status for Certified B Corp. 


Not only do we have massive goals for the future of Always Saturday, but we have lofty goals for ourselves. As two young-female entrepreneurs, we want to be leaders in paving a path for more women to be in business, running companies and holding leadership roles which is why we decided to participate in the ‘Certification as a women-owned business: a stepping stone for internationalization’, provided by the Government of Canada. 


This is only the beginning of our story, we’re moving fast, and we have no plans of slowing down. 


There are companies doing incredible things for our communities, countries, and our world - they deserve to have their voices heard, and we’re here to spread the message. Whether you’re ethical, sustainable, social impact driven, or pure technological innovation. You have the vision, and we have the tools to bring your vision to life!


We aim for win-win-win relationships. Good for you, good for us, and good for our planet!




To us, it isn’t just about the bottom line – we needed a purpose to fulfill!


We’re Always Saturday because we believe workdays shouldn’t feel like a grind. Living with purpose helps us achieve that goal!



We connect our audience with Better Brands and showcase companies that we would encourage our friends to support. It’s our way of spreading awareness to brands that deserve to be acknowledged to a larger audience and a way for us to create a space that you can trust to find reliable resources.


In partnership with 1% for the Planet, Always Saturday pledges a percentage of our annual revenue directly to nonprofits that are Sustainable and/or

ESG focused!




Once a year we will choose a purpose driven company that aligns with our core values to offer pro-bono marketing services,


Do you want to nominate your company or a company you're passionate about?

Send us a message!



We are happy to share our knowledge with our audience, local community and business communities in matters pertaining to sustainability. Through our website and specifically on the blog.